Who uses digitized dictation equipment today?

Call it an Irish thought, but this could be both an easy and difficult question to answer. What a muddle, but not in today’s digital era. Thoughts are streamlined and compartmentalized to allow more space for creative thinking which, in turn, allows for even more inspiration and subsequent innovation. And during such thought-provoking processes, today’s olympus dictation equipment is never far out of reach. While you are juicing your own creative thoughts, let us fill out this short space with a few of our own thoughts.

We can do this so quickly while making a quick cup of coffee. We need not lose the train of our thought because while we are busy adding in the cream, another noteworthy thought is dictated into our small, compact, pocket-sized and digital thought processors if you will. We are engaging in the professions, as we speak. The architectural designer will never be without it. On site, he can add more notes into the small microphone and then accordingly begin his transcriptions once stationed back at his draughting board.

The journalist worth his salt, even in this digital age, never arrives on the scene without it. Not for a moment is he going to miss a haphazard explanation at a sensationally staged press conference. Back at his own desk, he will be the final arbiter of what really went down. His literary compadre is not far off. Although it must be said that not all literary wordsmiths will be using it. Each to their own style as they say.

But even so, what to do when that inspirational idea strikes and he is, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere. It may take a day to complete but at least that page will be filled the following morning.